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  • Measurement Ranges: -20 ~ +60°C and 0 ~ 100% RH
  • Accuracy:
    • ±0.4°C; ±3.0% RH for non-P verison
    • ±0.3°C; ±1.8% RH for P version
  • LCD Display Shows Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point and Module ID
  • 10 ~ 30 VDC Power Input
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Data Logger Can Store Up to 4088 Temperature and Humidity Records
  • RS-485 Communication interface
  • Modbus RTU Protocol

Tracking Carbon Emissions in Manufacturing with ICP DAS’s Environment and Energy Management Solution


Users can collect information about the electricity consumption of factories and equipment with the ICP DAS‘s three-phase smart power meter PM-3000 series and the IIoT power meter concentrator PMC-5231. The smart power meter and power meter concentrator can also be used in conjunction with ICP DAS‘s air sensor modules to obtain temperature, humidity, and PM concentration data on the factories’ production lines and then send the received data to the control center, thereby helping companies track the carbon emissions of the production process and achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing carbon emissions.


The client is the largest manufacturer of contact lenses in Taiwan and the fifth largest manufacturer in the world. The company is known for its strictest manufacturing and quality control standards. Every step of the contact lens manufacturing process, from the initial design of the structure to final use by the consumer, is recorded and strictly controlled by the computer. Environmental monitoring of production lines in cleanrooms is very important part of the production process. In addition to temperature and humidity control in cleanrooms, there also should be no polluting particles in the air. Among other things, the client wanted to record and analyze the production equipment’s capacity information using a computer to form a new energy-saving policy. This case study shows how ICP DAS‘s environmental and energy management solution can help a client achieve these goals.

ICP DAS’s environment and energy management solution

The customer uses the ICP DAS’s isolated three-phase smart power meter PM-3133i-160P to collect power information of plant and equipment. The temperature and humidity data logger DL-100TM485P is used to monitor and record the temperature, humidity, and dust in cleanrooms. Another temperature and humidity data logger module, DL-1020, monitors and records the same parameters but in production lines. The power meter concentrator PMC-5231 is used to transmit power, temperature, humidity, and PM concentration data in cleanrooms and production lines to the control center via Ethernet (Modbus TCP). In addition, the industrial LED display iKAN-124 is used to show the collected information about temperature, humidity, and PM concentration in cleanrooms and production lines, as well as for alarm notification in case of emergencies or special conditions. The solution structure is as follows:

Collection of plant/equipment capacity data

The ICP DAS’ isolated three-phase smart power meter PM-3133i-160P has high precision and can accurately collect power information, which is used to obtain plant and equipment power consumption data. The received data will then be sent to the power meter concentrator PMC-5231 through the Modbus RTU communication protocol.

Temperature, humidity, and PM concentration monitoring in cleanrooms

The DL-100TM485P data logger can measure the temperature and humidity in certain areas and transmit the obtained data to the PMC-5231 power meter concentrator via Modbus RTU for environmental monitoring.

Temperature, humidity, and PM concentration monitoring of production lines

The DL-1000 is a series of modules developed by ICP DAS to measure particulate and gaseous air pollution concentrations for industrial applications in harsh environments. Modules are IP43 rated and can measure and record the following parameters: PM1/2.5/10, CO, CO2, HCHO, TVOC, NH3, H2S, temperature, humidity, and dew point. The modules in this series can also apply date and time stamps on collected data and store up to 180,000 downloadable records. In this case, the customer uses the DL-1020 module to measure the production lines’ temperature, humidity, and PM1/2.5/10 concentration level.

Power meter concentrator with edge computing and control capabilities

The PMC-5231 power meter concentrator has the flexibility to integrate power meter modules, provides real-time power management and data recording functions, instantly reads and records power consumption information of electrical equipment measured by power meters. It supports various communication protocols and has a built-in Web Server. Users can view power information and set system parameters directly through the browser. With the IF-THEN-ELSE statement, the PMC-5231 power meter concentrator can execute automatic logic stably and efficiently. When it detects abnormal voltage, current, gas level, or temperature in environments and machines, it will immediately send alerts to inform the management personnel (via email, SMS, LINE, and WeChat). In this case, in addition to integrating the power information of the factory area and equipment, it also collects and sends production lines’ temperature, humidity, and PM concentration data to the control center via Modbus TCP protocol.

Industrial-grade LED display is a great companion for on-site managers

The iKAN series industrial LED display from ICP DAS has industrial-grade anti-noise capability, high reliability and stability, supports ASCII and Unicode characters, which can be used to display text messages in multiple languages. It supports various communication protocols, including Modbus TCP/RTU, CGI, PROFINET, and others. The iKAN series display can interact perfectly with numerous industrial control devices from different brands. At the same time, the iKAN-124 display can show up to 24 characters in one line. It can also receive messages from the PMC-5231 power meter concentrator through Modbus TCP communication protocol, allowing on-site personnel to instantly monitor temperature, humidity, production capacity, or machine status. When a malfunction occurs in the machine status, or if the temperature and humidity, as well as the PM concentration, do not correspond to the correct values, the logic control mechanism of the PMC-5231 will immediately activate the iKAN-124 to display emergency messages.


PMC series power meter concentrators support various communication protocols such as Modbus TCP/RTU, SNMP, and MQTT. The data can be encrypted and transferred to the cloud monitoring software through the MQTT protocol.

The PMC-5231 power meter concentrator provides real-time recording of electrical equipment and power reports, calculates daily power consumption statistics, which is used to manage production efficiency. The supervisory unit can understand the power consumption status of the machine from the daily, weekly, and monthly reports, thereby improving the monitoring of power consumption costs.

The PMC-5231 power meter concentrator provides a data recovery function. When a network failure occurs, the system will continue to operate normally, and the data, generated during the failure period, will be retained. After the PMC-5231 is reconnected to the network, the saved data will be returned to the control center to ensure complete data recovery and effectively prevent data loss due to network failures.

The DL-1000 series particulate and gas measurement modules support various communication protocols and can transmit obtained data via DCON, Modbus TCP/RTU, and MQTT communication protocols. For easy integration into an existing monitoring system, the modules in this series can use the most common communication interfaces such as RS-485, Ethernet and PoE.

The iKAN series industrial displays are controlled via Web-based management. This means that they can be configured and controlled without being connected to a personal computer. The iKAN series industrial displays can also be directly connected to Modbus devices, sensor modules (such as the DL-302 CO2/temperature/humidity/dew point data logger), or PMC-5231 power meter concentrator and WISE-5231 IIoT edge controllers. Suitable field applications include: factory production monitoring; air quality monitoring in gyms, libraries, and shops; temperature monitoring and personnel access control; environmental monitoring in recreation areas; construction site safety monitoring; air quality and traffic monitoring in tunnels.

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