Dear Partner,

In order to constantly improve the quality of the services and projects that we implement, we indicate below the conditions that we undertake to respect during the development of any service we contract:

  • Perform the work and/or product as agreed in the contract or purchase order.
  • Meet all the requirements specified in the drawings, specifications and/or documentation provided, executing the work based on the current technical levels.
  • Comply with the agreed deadlines.
  • To have the human resources with the appropriate expertise for carrying out the service, with the documentation that accredits this also being available.
  • All personnel will be trained in the instructions, policies and requirements provided by the client.
  • Provide the means necessary for the execution of the contracted works when established in the conditions.
  • Immediately inform Monolitic, S.A. about any circumstance that alters the planned work program, delivery times or the quality of the work to be performed.
  • Be up to date on your tax obligations with Social Security, with your own workers and with third parties.
  • Perform the verification and establish adequate quality controls to ensure compliance of the product or service provided to Monolitic, S.A.
  • Safety and health standards to be correctly adhered to.
  • Undertake to maintain the maximum confidentiality of any information accessed by virtue of the work carried out, accepting the NDA document and complying with current Personal Data Protection legislation.

  • The invoice will be validated by the person in charge of Monolitic S.A., once it has been verified that the work has been carried out correctly and all related documentation has been received (quality certificates, reports, etc.).

  • The material to be supplied will be new unless otherwise agreed.

  • When the material to be supplied has a limited lifetime, the supplier must provide this together with the applicable specification, date of manufacture and lifetime or expiry date. It must have a minimum shelf life of 6 months.

  • The material must be sent to the buyer/customer with the documents indicated for each item. For repaired components, the supplier must indicate in the document sent (Form 1 or equivalent, CoC, etc.) the work done (repair, maintenance) and maintenance data (reference manual, directive, service bulletin, etc.) used, including the reference and edition thereof.

  • The customer will have the right to verify compliance with the requirements indicated in the Contract/Purchase Order to perform quality inspection and audits at any time and in all areas dedicated to the Contract/Purchase Order.

  • The Client, NQAR (military authority) or Civil Authorities will have the right of access to all the facilities involved in the Contract/Purchase Order and all applicable requirements. The necessary agreements will be agreed with the client, NQAR or civil authorities.

  • All invoices presented at Monolitic S.A, for charges related to this order, must refer to the order number indicated. Compliance with this requirement will be essential to proceed with the corresponding payments. Likewise, the order number must be indicated on all shipments of materials.

  • The staff of Monolitic, S.A. or the client, the Aeronautical Authority, or the Quality Management representative, or any other person designated by Monolitic S.A. will have free access to the supplier’s facilities to witness tests, review documentation or any other practice that the quality management department of Monolitic, S.A. considers necessary. The necessary agreements will be agreed previously with parties involved.

  • The supplier will keep archived for a minimum of (10) years from the shipment of the items, the test and inspection documents, as well as the control data that cover the final product of this order.

The supplier is obliged to comply with the environmental requirements.

  • The need for the provider:
    • implement a quality management system;
    • notify the organization of non-conforming processes, products or services and obtain approval for their provision;
    • prevent the use of counterfeit parts (see 8.1.4 of standard 9100);
    • notify the organization of changes in processes, products or services, including changes in its external suppliers or the location of production, and obtain approval from the organization;

    • deploy the requirements applicable to external suppliers, including customer requirements;

    • provide test specimens for approval, inspection/verification, research or design audit;

    • keep documented information, including retention periods and requirements for disposal;

  • It must be ensured that people are aware of:

    • Their contribution to the conformity of the product or service;
    • Their contribution to product safety;
    • The importance of ethical behavior.

Attached to this document: Quality policy. Available on the company’s website.

Note: If, due to the circumstances of your company, you are not able to meet the requirements listed above, please notify us immediately to find the most appropriate solution for both parties. We remain at your entire disposal for any questions or clarification. These terms of conditions are valid indefinitely unless otherwise agreed by both parties.