Aimed primarily at automation, industrial control and monitoring and management of data and information, panel PCs and monitors that w...

PC Panel and monitors

Aimed primarily at automation, industrial control and data and information monitoring and management, the standard PC panel and monitor solutions we carry in Monolitic range from 5.7" to 24".

These PC panels and monitors are designed to ensure their use in industrial environments and under adverse conditions. We also offer a wide range of solutions based on different processors, types of installation and the need of expansion slots to extend the benefits of the solution. Choosing the right size of the TFT, touchscreen technology and processor performance is very important, but it is equally important to know the working environment in which the equipment will be installed. In this sense, in Monolitic we have solutions for a wide variety of applications (marine, medical, rail, information points and ATMs) and sectors, and experience in outdoor installations exposed to weather and sun.



PPC-5152-D525: Equipo PC Panel con procesador de doble núcleo

El PC de panel PPC-5152-D525 con pantalla táctil de 15” de IEI Integration Corp. ofrece una resolución de 1024x764. La construcción de chasis de acero y el frontal de aluminio con protección IP54 lo convierten en la solución ideal para entornos industriales adversos.

Soluciones Panel PC / HMI

Disponemos de una amplia gama de Panel PCs y terminales HMI con pantalla táctil.

  • Desde 4,3" hasta 21,5"
  • Posibilidad de suministrar con procesador según necesidad
  • Versiones compactas
  • Disponibilidad de diversos puertos de conexión
  • Compatibilidad con Windows XP, Windows7, Linux, Android
  • Soluciones con o sin marco, acero inoxidable, protección IP64...