Monolitic: Option´s distributor in Spain


Option is a specialized manufacturer of M2M wireless solutions with over 25 years of experience with headquarters in Belgium and offices in Europe, USA, China, Japan and Australia.

Its mission is to provide efficient and secure cloud-based (Internet of things - IoT) solutions for all industries. They also have the support of expert partners in systems integration, application platform providers and a number of operators that are able to provide solutions for applications worldwide.


CloudGate: la solución IoT

Cloudgate es la plataforma de soluciones M2M de Option aprobada por operadores que suministra conectividad, seguridad y capacidad de procesamiento para aplicaciones M2M globales. Rápido y rentable de implementar, cada dispositivo dispone de acceso al Cloudgate Universe para configuración basada en la nube, así como el SDK Cloudgate para el desarrollo rápido de aplicaciones y la HDK Cloudgate para configurar tarjetas de expansión.

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