Throughout more than 30 years of market presence, in Monolitic we have adapted to the different needs that have emerged, making one of the pillars of our strategy the excellence in customer service.

Sobre nosotros

30 years of market presence support us. We are a highly specialized distributor offering products and high quality solutions in vertical markets and applications where the support and added value are essential elements to ensure success.

Thanks to our high degree of professionalism and dedication to service, we establish relationships with customers and suppliers becoming genuine long-term partners.


Our main activity is in the electronics and telecommunications areas and we aim to contribute to the development of a more sustainable and efficient future.

Quality is our guide and through it, we pursue continuous improvement that will enable us to achieve excellence and become leaders in our areas of operation.


Following the path that leads our business objective to achieve that excellence, we have diversified our portfolio to carry out our products and solutions: DISPLAY, INDUSTRIAL COMPUTING SYSTEMS, M2M & INDUSTRIAL COMMUNICATIONS and SEMICONDUCTORS & ELECTROMECHANICS. Business areas that turn our ideas into solutions that different markets require.